Let Your Dog Play all Day

Come to The Pet Parlor for a dog daycare in Bozeman, MT

You don't want to leave your dog cooped up inside all day long. Being trapped inside can lead to a dog being restless, anxious and unhappy. The Pet Parlor in Bozeman, MT, is glad to provide pet care to meet this need.

Our doggie daycare gives your dog the opportunity for social stimulation and recreational play. Your dog will be able to play outside in one of our yards or stay inside with us. Either way, your dog will be closely monitored to ensure their safety.

We provide dog daycare Monday-Friday with special times available for scheduling on the weekends. Email us now to find out if doggie daycare is right for you.

What you need to know

What you need to know

Doggie daycare helps your dog stay happy and healthy by:

Providing socialization - your dogs can interact with dogs and humans
Encouraging exercise - outdoor play is an integral part of our daycare
Ensuring supervision - we maintain a close eye on each of our charges

Our dog daycare runs at $15 a day. All dogs must be up to date on flea and tick medicine and all vaccines, including rabies, Bordetella and distemper.

For reliable pet care, call The Pet Parlor now.